Notice of Agenda: CITY OF COLOME REGULAR COUNCIL MEETING – December 9, 2019

6:30 P.M. Mayor Hill call meeting to order in Colome Municipal Building:

All Present: Dougherty___, Kahler___, Watson___, Muller___, Hauf__, Duffy___

Also, Present:  Finance Officer Robin Fast___, Utility Manager Jeff Ohlmann ___

Public Input: limited to 5 minutes

Conflict of Interest:

Approval of November 11th and 27th minutes (which were sent out to all council)

Approve November Claims

Bring claim of the table

Old Business:

Joel Johnson (might join us)

Mayor Hill to sign Code Enforcement Specialists, LLC (contract)

Employee Handbook

Snow removal

Utilities Manager Ohlmann Report

New Business:

Remove the consent of agenda policy (requested by council woman Hauf)

Ordinance 183 (Discussion adopting IPMC) I have attached a couple from other towns to look over.

Ordinance 184 (An Appropriations Supplement Ordinance) on first reading

Discuss establishing committees (streets, water, sanitation, liquor, cemetery, park, building and community development)

April 14, 2020 Election Day we will join with school (positions open Ward-1 Dougherty, Ward 2- Hauf and Kahler, Ward 3 Duffy and Watson)

Executive Session if Needed

Anything before council

Meeting adjourned