Notice of Agenda: CITY OF COLOME REGULAR COUNCIL MEETING – January 6, 2020  



January 6, 2020



6:30 P.M. Mayor Hill call meeting to order in Colome Municipal Building:

All Present: Dougherty___, Kahler___, Watson___, Muller___, Hauf__, Duffy___

Also, Present:  Finance Officer Robin Fast___, Utility Manager Jeff Ohlmann ___

Public Input: limited to 5 minutes

Jeff Hrabanek would like to address council

Jim Poler would like to address council


Conflict of Interest:

Approval of December 9 and 30 minutes (which were sent out to all council)

Approve January Claims

Approve the agenda

Old Business:

Joel Johnson will join us by teleconference

Employee Handbook

Snow removal

Dakota Pump (sewer automation) (Jason)

Waterhouse (Jason)

Utilities Manager Ohlmann Report

New Business:

Designate official newspaper

Discussion on new accountant

Executive Session if Needed

Anything before council

Meeting adjourned

In compliance with South Dakota Codified Law (SDCL 32-11-35 a full listing of employee salaries will be noted in the January minutes.